“Creating” the New Miss Nepal

With the recent success in the Miss World pageant, every Nepali girl’s dream to win the title has been further renewed. How about competing this time? Shweta Singh, CEO of Hidden Treasures, talks about all that goes into making the…

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Choosing the right school :what to keep in mind while finding your child’s first school

The agony that comes from choosing whatever is right for your kid starts quite early in your parenthood, and one of the biggest decisions you face is choosing the right path to your kid’s education.

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Festive Fare:Celebrating Festival Food

As a child, Dashain meant two things, relatives and good food. Things haven’t changed much. I still enjoy the company of people but it is food that I’ve had a lifelong relationship with.

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Headache?: We've got your back

Headaches have plagued all ranks and file all over the world since ancient times, and the legacy goes on.

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Culinary Skills outside the Kitchen:Grow Kitchen Herbs

Basil, chervil, cilantro, and dill are some annual herbs that are inexpensive and easy to grow from seed. Perennial herbs like oregano

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