Exercise Right, Eat Right

Does cross training have any significant benefits?
The same fitness regime for an individual may become monotonous after a certain period of time and repeating the same exercise again and again causes numbness in the muscles which might go stagnant to some extent. Sudden muscle cheating is beneficial to the body. Cross training is more result oriented and the person doesn’t get bored and enjoys different sets of training. Training may include yoga, weight lifting, cardio, walking, etc. Every form of exercise includes warm up, stretching and breathing exercises which should result in fitness of mind and body. Depending on the age, gender and person’s medical history, sets of training are categorized. I have been teaching fusion of yoga and weight training and this has been quite talked about.

What are the basic guidelines to aerobics?
Aerobics generally consist of breathing and stretching exercises. Guidelines depends on your objective; if your goal is better health and a decent level of cardiovascular fitness, then three 20-30 minute workouts per week is suggested. If your goal is to lose body fat, then you will probably need to do more than that. And I would like to recommend body hugging but comfortable clothes while exercising. The workout is not gender limited and for even kids, aerobics is fun.

Is sweating during exercise good for our health?

Sweating while exercising is definitely good as it helps in reducing body temperature and releasing toxins. Over-sweating or under-sweating might be a problem and one should visit a doctor in that case. When too much sweat flushes out of body, the lost nutrients must get restored through intake of liquids. Drinking healthy liquids like water and some sports drinks containing electrolytes helps to keep your body functioning even with substantial amount of liquid lost through sweating. Excessive sweating caused by exercise will not cause any adverse effects. Moreover, it is suggested to work in moderate or cool temperature.

Does regular exercise help various diseases like cancer?
We have heard about evidence that exercise and eating right can help prevent people from getting cancer and it does help recurrence of cancer. We cannot come to a definite conclusion however. As it is said, prevention is better than cure. A person with a healthy lifestyle will function better. I believe, if you want to be thin, eat thin and if you want to be fat, eat fat. Similarly, constant exercise and good sufficient diet makes a man healthy with lesser chances of health problems. As far as cancer is concerned, it’s a tumorous growth and can happen to anybody at any age. To identify such, one should go for a proper diagnosis. We give workouts to patient depending upon their health condition. n

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