Tooth Troubles

Q I am 28 and never had any tooth problems. But, in the last few weeks, my gums have started to bleed. Initially, it was while brushing, so I stopped brushing for a few days. That didn’t help. Now the gums bleed even when I am eating something. Do I need to go to a dentist?

A It is very fortunate that you have good teeth. But, like anything else, for them to remain that way, you have to get them checked from time to time. There will be things that you will not be aware of, but a dentist can easily spot and treat before they become bigger problems. So, no matter how good your teeth are, you HAVE to visit a dentist periodically for a checkup.

From what you’ve written, I feel that you have a problem with your gums and not your teeth. But, the gums are the foundation there, and your teeth will become loose if your gums are not healthy. Your gums are bleeding because there are deposits on your teeth and under your gums. These need to be cleaned professionally. You have to visit a dentist for that. And, you should not stop brushing if your gums bleed. This actually makes it worse. By not brushing, you’re letting them become dirtier, which is causing them to bleed more! Please visit a dentist asap and follow their advice.

Q I thought that we get our wisdom teeth when we are about 18 or 19. I am 35 and have been advised by a dentist that my wisdom teeth are partially out and that I need to extract them if I don’t want any complications later. What do I do?

We are meant to get them at the age you stated but that doesn’t mean we can’t get them later in life. Yes, there can be complications but that doesn’t mean you have to extract them immediately. The complications could be:

a. If there is no space in your jaw for them, they may cause pressure on the teeth in front and you may experience pain along the whole jaw.
b. If they are partially erupted, they will still have some gum tissue covering them. Food can get trapped between these tissues and the wisdom tooth, leading to infection and swelling on the gums and jaw which can be extremely painful and you will have difficulty opening your mouth.
c. Sometimes, these teeth do not come straight and this will lead to you getting your cheek bitten by them constantly, which can be very painful and annoying.
d. Sometimes, these teeth are very difficult to clean, as they are placed very far back in your mouth. This will lead to them getting decayed and thus painful.

I am sure your dentist saw one of these and advised you to get your wisdom teeth extracted. But, you can always get a second opinion if you are unsure.

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