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How to know if you are getting massage by professional therapist or not?
If you are visiting any day Spa for the first time, consider few things before getting a massage or treatment. Remember to book your time and reach 10-15 minutes before or on time so that you could talk to a responsible person to discuss your needs. Generally, a receptionist will accompany you, but you can also look for a Spa Consultant to have quick Q&A. Talk about your recent injuries, or specific pain or the reason that you are there. Don’t forget to ask about the therapist, their experience, expertise and their basic qualification. An experienced therapist will know the body types and muscles and will be able to apply correct techniques of massage. It is best to avoid unskilled therapists. After all, it is your body, and it needs to be treated well.

How to take care of your skin during winter? Don’t let winter dehydrate your face and body. Here are a few tips that will be beneficial for everyone.
Be careful: whatever you cannot eat, you cannot apply on your skin because skin is a living organ and it is always harmful for your skin to feed chemicals knowingly or unknowingly. So what is Heritage Spa serving this winter?
For face:
• Use raw cow milk as a cleanser as it will help to remove dirt from your skin.
• For scrubbing, just mix a pinch of rice powder and cow milk for exfoliation.
• To a tablespoon of honey, mix 2-3 drops of lemon to massage your face as honey is a good humectant and also works as an anti-bacterial ingredient. Lemon is acidic, so don’t use raw lemon all over the face as it might make your skin dry. So, you should mix it with some moisturizer to prevent dryness.
• Add two almonds, 1 tablespoon of milk and a small half tablespoon of honey for a face mask; mix them all. Apply this mask on face in upward direction and leave it for 8-12 minutes. To remove the mask from your face, use circular movement of your fingers or just sponge it off.
• Lastly, cut a cucumber into thin slices and apply all over the body for 3-5 min; it works as a toner.
For body:
• Use 4 big tablespoons of rice powder,
• a glass of milk,
• 1 big tablespoon of olive oil,
• Half of Aloe Vera leaf, and mix them all.

Note: Scrub all over the body using circular movements using the palms. Wash off with lukewarm water.
Rice powder will leave your skin dry, so milk, olive oil and Aloe Vera will help to keep your skin soft and smooth. Aloe Vera is a powerful natural moisturizer and seals off moisture loss. So it is beneficial to do Aloe Vera scrubbing during winter season. n

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