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Please suggest some winter hair tips as hair-fall is troubling me.
Generally, there are two types of hair fall: hair falling from the root and hair being brittle and falling away. If the hair-fall is from the root, then it’s normal as our hair falls time to time which is due to hormonal changes. If you have brittle hair then you have to avoid things like sun bathing, using henna, rithha, etc. It is better to visit the expert and know the cause as identifying a problem is half the solution. There are certain hair packs that will help grey hair and lessen the hair-fall.

I started having grey hair at the age of 16; I don’t want to color my hair. How to solve my problem?
Grey hair is an emerging problem. None of the hair technicians and the hairdressers is able to overcome this problem. We can temporarily cover the grey hair but not permanently. Sometimes, grey hair is related to the state of your inner health. If you have got a few grey hairs, try to cover only that part and not the whole hair. However, using only natural products on hair reduces the chances of greying.

Should I apply eye cream just underneath my eyes or on my upper lids too?

Eye is a highly metabolic organ and the fact that it does not contain any oil glands or fat makes it very susceptible. So, eye creams are of great help. The kind of anti-ageing cream that you use depends on what you want it to do for you. There are eye creams that soften wrinkles, while others reduce puffiness or eliminate dark circles. While choosing the cream, do ensure that it applies easily.The skin around your eyes is very thin and delicate, thus very susceptible to damage. The best eye creams are formulated to provide moisture and protection to the skin cells surrounding the eye area. Continued application is always recommended. The use of eye creams are essential components needed to assist in natural re-growth of lost collagen that causes the symptoms of age. However, this is only true if the ingredients included in the eye cream work to rejuvenate DNA, thus creating new, fresh skin around the eyes, which essentially reverses the signs of ageing. Obviously, consumers should search for an eye cream that contains as many of the fore-mentioned ingredients as possible. And, no more confusion, eye cream is for eye area, at the same time, you can use on upper lid too.

What is the best way to stop nail polish chipping?
Chipping and peeling of nail varnish is very common. The problem behind it is that you have not applied your nail polish thickly enough, you have used it without a base coat or your nail was greasy. Our nails have natural oils in them which causes the nail varnish to lift away from the nail. You have to use the buffer and make the surface of the nail rough before applying the nail polish. For a good lasting nail polish application, a proper base coat is required. This is used to prevent staining from colours. Then, apply a nail polish and top coat. A good nail polish should be applied at the centre—one stroke down and then, either side. Two coats should be applied; the second one when the first one is thoroughly dry. The top coat helps your nail varnish from damage or being knocked out. Apply the clear coat twice a week if you have a nail art.

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