Interval and Spot Training
Sachit Pradhan

 Should one work out on an empty stomach?
 It is not advisable to exercise…

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Hair care
Rajesh Ghimire

Please suggest some winter hair tips as hair-fall is troubling me.
Generally, there are…

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Fitness Matters
Nina Sisodia

 What types of exercises are better for weight loss?
 If you ask one hundred…

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The Right Therapy
Reena Shrestha

How to know if you are getting massage by professional therapist or not?

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Yoga for Health
Roshani Adhikary

Following Baba Ram Dev, I practice Yoga every morning. There is one problem, my knees…

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Exercise Right, Eat Right
Kamal Ghale Gurung

Does cross training have any significant…

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Daily Diet
Elita Joshi

How can I control my occasional food cravings?

Often, we misjudge our body’s signal for…

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Rein in the Wandering Mind
Prerana Shah Rana

Can I do yoga only if I am completely fit?

A young person…

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Yoga for Everyday Ailments
Roshani Adhikary

Recently, my wrists have been paining me. It hurts so much and I really need…

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Diet & Thyroid Problems
Nami Banskota

How do we differentiate between hypothyroidism & hyperthyroidism? Which is the most common one?


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