Why Calcium?:Calcium, for more than just Healthy Bones

Consuming adequate amount of calcium during younger years of life may help create store for future when people loose calcium as they age.

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The Big Shift

Nepal, being a developing country, has seen remarkable changes in social, financial, and political aspects from the past. Similarly, there has been dramatic variation in the pattern of the diseases from the olden days.

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A- Z :of Good Health:Rich in Fitness

There’s nothing more valuable than a robust body. From the importance of a balanced regime to the appearance of new diseases and the significance of a good night’s sleep, there’s a lot one needs to know about living healthy.

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Back Botheration:Stand Straight and Tall

Sunita Gurung gets some valuable input from Dr. Pravin Nepal about how to handle the most common problem of our generation.

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Don’t Ignore Your Snore:More than just an annoyance

What is considered a social inconvenience could very well be a major body fallacy. Learn early on about this embarrassing thing called snoring.

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