Filipino Favorites: Cuisine from the Philippines

Mags Yap is an avid photographer and entrepreneur, currently residing in Nepal. She is from the Philippines, specifically from Angeles City, Pampanga

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Tasty Treats

Ingredients Samosa patti/dough strips to fill in the mixture

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Mom's kitchen: tongue-tickling snacks

Put green chutney between bread slices, on top of which, put the sliced potatoes. Pour the sweet curd to completely cover the bread and potatoes.

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Recipe Revisited

Mrs. Ranu is a homemaker and has been living in Sanepa. She moved to Nepal seven years ago after getting married. She loves cooking and trying out different dishes and enjoys travelling and reading books. Here she gives a twist…

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Sumptuous Snacks

Chitra’s Culinary Skills Chitra Malla, a housewife and a passionate cook, says she loves to experiment with different food items. She shares some of her favorite dishes with Healthy Life.

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