The Goodness of Sesame Seeds

Any festival in Nepal is a part of life and associated with specific food representing various facets of life including changes in the season or weather conditions.

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Season Special:The Goodness of Thekuwa

Tihar, the festival of sweets, fruits and nuts, follows the festival of Chhaat which is mostly celebrated in the terai to worship the Sun God. For four days, during this period

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Soothe Your Hangover: Have fun without any regrets this weekend

Before you pick up that glass
Make sure you drink plenty of water, food with fats like pizza, sausages, fried food, etc.
Drink water in between your alcoholic drinks to dilute the alcohol in your body.
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Ways with Olive: Cook easy with olive oil

People in the Mediterranean region have fewer incidences of heart disease than anywhere else in the world. One reason, researchers say, could be the wide use of olive oil. It’s healthy all right!

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Spices & Delicacies:this summer, Cool down with some cool recipes

During summer-time, we seek stuff that cools our internal system and helps maintain balance. Besides food that keep us cool, cooling spices are also equally essential in summer.

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