Two to Tango

Healthylife’s dance workshop at Pep Up Dance Inc as witnessed by Pragya Pokhrel

On December 13, a hall was filled with dance enthusiasts waiting for their dance maestro. The hall belonged to Pep Up Dance Inc. The scene was set… Read Full »

Can You be Friends with Your Ex?

Prity Shrestha Rajbhandary tries to find the answer to this question.

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When Your Period Makes You Crazy

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) can be physically debilitating for a woman during her menstruation cycle; but more importantly, it can also have a seriously negative impact in her relationship if its emotional symptoms are not clearly understood by her and her…

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Uncovering Context: The Art of Listening

We generally do not have discussions, we have debates, and that’s why we have more of arguments and less of conversations. Let’s listen more and talk less.

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Bonds that Last

No man is an island. This is something that we need to realize, especially in today’s world where we have become much more individualistic.

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