Your Best Chocolate Moment Ever

Be it sad or happy moment, we love chocolates. Chocolate is for fun, for bonding, for sharing and to pacify your cravings. My chocolate moment reminds me of having Tiramisu chocolates and getting fonder of it with every bite. What…

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Best of 2012

They made the year of heatlhylife by giving their time and image answering our questions every month and becoming the face of the magazine on our covers. This time, they speak about the year that was and the year to…

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Best Moment Spent With My Mother

A mother is the one person with whom you can be yourself, the one whom you remember when you are on cloud nine or distressed equally, who loves you consistently, wholeheartedly whether you are right or wrong without any conditions,…

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C for cat, D for dog and E for elephants

They say that children are born with an affinity for nature—they have special attachment to birds and animals. After all, “E for elephant, G for giraffe and Z for zebra” is one of the first things we learn as kindergarteners.… Read Full »

Three words as important as“I love you”

Silly’s Sorry
We are never proud of that awkward moment when we unintentionally hurt our better halves but then again we fail to say the three words “I am sorry.” And, when we do say so, the anger fuels… Read Full »

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