Heat: A danger to your pet

Heat stroke is one of the most worrying topics for the dog in summer.

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Five C's for your canine:Obedience Training for Your Canine Pals

If dog could only speak, they would have been the most expressive of all the animals. They are faithful, loyal, and makes good company.

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A Breed Apart:Man’s Best Friend

Man’s best friend comes in all shapes and sizes as well as breeds. Though not all breeds are equally popular, one thing is constant—it is not the mutts of the mixed breeds that are gaining popularity but pure bred dogs.

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Their Health in Your Hands

Samridhi Goyal talks to Dr. B.C. Jha from Advanced Pet Care Hospital to find out how to better take care of a pet.

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Something Fishy

Are fish really low maintenance pets? Samridhi Goyal tries to find out.

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