On the Path to Re-acceptance

Men or women, life and things expected of you are never so simple. And it gets a bit more complicated when you are in the wrong body.

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15 Ways to Save Energy at Home

While Nepal has been continuously struggling to develop a sustainable supply of electricity during the last decade, the daily energy demand of 1,500 MW is four times

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For Your Peace of Mind:serenity at Home

Creating a peaceful environment isn’t just about decorating it with the nicest things possible but also about having a sense of positivity within yourself.

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The Furry Accessory:The right carpet for your home

Needless to say, dressing up your floor really does serve the interior of a room and also gives a feeling of warmth. As much as your walls and other things inside the room need attention, your floors do too, so… Read Full »

Life in frames:Decorating with your memories

You may want to give your home a new look, change something, and make your home a center of people’s conversation. Forget about changing your furniture or the wall color

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