7 fresh ideas for your garden

Even planting just a tree or two gives more life to your home. Having a garden will not only make your surrounding look fresh and lively, it will bestow a feeling of serenity within yourself too.

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How to Grow Lettuce in a Container

First: Before planting Lettuce needs ample room for roots.You can grow several varieties in 6- to 12-inch pots.

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Outdoor Attractions:Accessories for your garden

Lights in trees give the effect of moonlight and creating shadows through lights is interesting. A reflective water feature also looks good. All this and more goes towards the making of a garden that can still the worries in your…

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Fascination with Orchids

There’s still so much to be learned about these bewitching blossoms called orchids.

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Grey Water Harvesting

In most areas of Kathmandu where available water supplies are limited, there is a strong need to adopt alternative water technologies. Grey water harvesting is one such technology.

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