Home Automation: Smarter, More Energy Efficient, and Secure Homes

Remember the days when you had to get up from your couch every time you wanted to change the channel on your TV? Then came the magical ‘remote control’ and changed our lives forever. Home automation is having a similar… Read Full »

Décor Illuminator: Shade your Lamps

A carefully selected lampshade will make your lamp really special as well as maximize the function of the lamp. You should choose a shade with a shape that follows the general contours of the lamp.

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Welcome home

Having a baby is one of the most precious phases of married life. They say no woman is complete until she has a baby. In Nepal, it’s a festivity, a time to celebrate when somebody has a baby, and in…

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Using Bold Colours

Spice up your space Bold interiors can be the best thing that happens to your home. Bold colours, decor and accessories can bring out your personality without you saying a word.

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Planning Your Bedroom

The bedroom is your personal retreat, your sanctuary to rejuvenate, a place of romance and an area where you can express your own unique sense of style and personality. Applying what you enjoy while decorating is the most important part…

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