Three words as important as“I love you”

-Nimma Adhikari

Silly’s Sorry
We are never proud of that awkward moment when we unintentionally hurt our better halves but then again we fail to say the three words “I am sorry.” And, when we do say so, the anger fuels up even more. The, I-am-sorry, is not enough. There are times in every couple’s lives when they regret having made an innocent joke or remark. In these situations, what do we do? How do we make our partner smile or make them forgive us?

Nima Rumba
There are times when I unknowingly upset her. When that happens, I go to her and say “I am sorry” or message her saying “I am really sorry.” I take her out to a nice dinner or shopping. At times, when she is too angry or upset, I try not to reply back or talk to her; I just keep my mouth shut.

Meena Kayastha
My husband has always been supportive and understanding because of which he is seldom bothered or put-off with anything silly that I do. But yes, at times when he’s upset because of something I did unintentionally, I keep calm and quiet for a while and don’t make a fuss about it. It helps him to cool down and get back to his natural mood. Then sometimes, I offer to cook his favorite delicacies or give him a massage for him to relax. In general, what I believe is, small disputes are healthy and necessary between a husband and a wife; it keeps the relation lively and spiced up.

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