Best of 2012

- EloïseJha-Dussably

Aura Gurung

My best of 2012:
• 2012 was an important year of self-actualization. I found myself.
• As I look back to reflect, it makes me smile remembering moments that are close to my heart. I found love.
• I joined hands with Smile Nepal, an NGO which works for street children. I found meaning.
• I lost my grandmother. Witnessing her passing away was not easy but knowing she went peacefully, I felt light. I found enlightenment.
• There were trials and tribulations which I took as necessary challenges and welcomed them positively. I found strength.
• Above all, like every other year, I feel it was a year worth living and that’s how I found 2012.

Aura’s Plans for 2013

• Healthier lifestyle,
• Achieve personal growth  and development,
• Embark on entrepreneurial projects,
• Further education
And to always live it up like it’s the best year of my life. Cheers to LIVING!

Sarina Maskey

My favourite moment of 2012 is actually quite recent as it was this year’s Dashain festival. It was really full of fun and really memorable, more than most of the past Dashains. All my family members, from far and near, came together to make it a real family moment. It’s very rare to catch all the family together and we could do it. I truly enjoyed every single bit of it and from the fun we all had together I guess my family did too.
To be honest, I was so busy with everyone and having fun that I didn’t really think of plans or things to change for 2013. When such a good moment happens, you just want to enjoy it and not bother yourself with plans. Enjoying the moment made me think of the present more than the future, so I have no idea what 2013 will bring for me.

She lures everyone with her charismatic smile and she represented Nepal in Miss International pageant in China. Pursuing MBA in banking and insurance, Sarina has her interest in modeling. Her fitness mantra hides behind her participation in sports.



Melina Manandhar

2012 was quite a regular and normal year for me, dealing with work and everyday life decisions. But still, it was a good year thanks to my daughter. I cannot say that one moment only was the best of 2012 but I can definitely say that every moment spent with her was a blessing and a moment of happiness. This year I could really spend a lot of time with her and this would be a continuous best moment for me. As an artist, it’s tough to find time for your own kids; you don’t have specific work schedules or regular days off. The fact that I could manage to do so made 2012 special and I really enjoyed that.
I’m quite busy in the day-to-day care of my baby and so haven’t thought of any special plans for 2013. Once more, spending time with her and see her growing is a very nice plan in itself. My husband may have some plans but he did not actualise it so far, shared it in detail with me or made it a family plan. Living in the day to not miss a single important moment in the life of my daughter is my only motto for the year to come.


Sahana Vajracharya

I am a people person who loves to venture out and travel to new places. This year, I had an opportunity to work in Achham of Nepal’s far west, and for me, my month long travel and stay in various villages of Achham has to be the best of 2012. Traveling is a great way of learning, hence in 2013, I plan to travel to many places in Nepal, and, for the photography enthusiast in me, I plan to shoot as many pictures as possible of various places, people and their communities and perhaps exhibit them too. Let’s see.

Crowned as Miss Nepal runner up in 2010, Sahana Vajracharya is a well known TV personality. She is involved with documentary shooting and is working with Kantipur Television. She practices kick boxing and power yoga to remain fit mentally and physically.




Prerana Shah

Like many Nepalese, my family is the most important thing for me and when my mother had to go through surgery this year, it was an intense and scary moment for me. When she finally came out of the operation room and the surgeon came to us saying that everything went very well, it was a really amazing moment. So yes, the big success of my mother’s surgery was the best moment of the year 2012 for me.
I cannot speak of a very concrete plan for 2013 but more of the kind of person I want to become through the years. I really want to give time to be more intellectually and spiritually enlightened, as it will help in improving every other aspect of my life. So I want to give more time to spiritual and intellectual activities.

Prerana Shah is an entrepreneur,  yoga instructor and  social worker. She is the founder of Dreams (Devoted Radical Environment Animal Movement Society) which works for the welfare of stray animals. For fitness, she believes that yoga brings about a positive transformation and makes us more aware about ourselves.


Nagma Shrestha

The year 2012 was the most awaited year for me. This was the year to turn my dream into reality. I always aspired to represent Nepal in an international arena. So I decided to take part in Miss Nepal this year. The journey to miss Nepal was challenging and fun. But the journey after being crowned as Miss Earth Nepal was more exciting and equally challenging! After Miss Nepal, I had five months to prepare for Miss Earth 2012. Those five months were the most memorable time of my life. I always moved forward with a positive attitude and I believed in my ability.
Many people were involved in this journey to Miss Earth. My trainers Sakil Kunwar and Bipen Gurung, designers Bishow Gautam,  Subekshya Bhadel, Tenzing Bhutia and Nuzzat Quazi ; organizations like IUCN ( International Union For Conservation Of Nature), CRT, FECOFUN ; my fitness trainer from Jasmine Spa and Diza Shrestha from Happy Mama’s were always there to guide and support me for Miss Earth. My family, friends and fellow Nepalis’ faith in me motivated me to give my best.  I  reached Philippines on 4th November. I, along with other 81 participants, spent three weeks in the Philippines for Miss Earth. It was my best experience till date.
Thinking about the days spent there brings a smile on my face. I think opportunity and challenge go hand in hand… but a journey without struggle wouldn’t be fun too. This year, Nepal did get noticed in Miss Earth. I won four major sub awards (silver medal in Walk With Me public choice,  silver again in wall painting competition, Best in formal wear and 1st position in online voting) and made it till the top eight. I made really close friends during Miss Earth, learned a lot about the environmental issues… so, for 2013, my plan is to continue to work for environment and for my country.

Sadichha Shrestha

I can actually put a specific date on the best moment of 2012 for me: 21 September. On that date, I got a job at Ace Travels and became a real active woman. I really like being among these workingwomen, going to office everyday and earning money to spend for my family and myself. I enjoy my work itself and the environment I work in. I love being busy and independent. That’s the best thing that could happen to me.
I will complete my bachelor level this year and I don’t want to stop there only. I will look for a master degree I like and spend the year being focused on my work and studies. I discovered that I like reading quite a lot and I will try to read more and more in the coming days (fiction novels and spiritual novels especially). My challenge for 2013 is to start an everyday diary but I don’t know if I will really have the patience, the time and consistency necessary for such a task. I will also keep on exercising and eating healthy food.


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