Your Best Chocolate Moment Ever

- Pragya Pokharel

Piyush Sarawagi, CEO, Shagoon Diamonds

I have two younger sisters and in our childhood, our dad used to go abroad a lot. He visited Dubai and Hongkong frequently. Whenever he came back, we used to get super-excited. Every single time he came, we used to wait till we had dinner and soon as the dinner was over, we would run into our parents’ room where dad would be unpacking. Along with his luggage there always used to be a bag which said ‘duty free’. Back then, this bag only meant a chocolate bag full of Snickers, Mars, Toblerone, Bounty and Ferrero Rochers for us. The chocolates would then be divided to all as per our likings. And we would eat the chocolates we liked and then exchange with others later.
In all this, I can still remember looking at each other and laughing over the fact that we would have chocolate all over our face and how we exchanged and, even as kids, we knew which chocolate was bigger and which one was tastier. I have had a lot of chocolates, all kinds and all tastes, had chocolate directly from one of the best chocolate fountains in the world, and yet till today I cannot get past that chocolate moment. The best chocolate moment will remain always with me.




Sadichha Shrestha,Miss Nepal 2010

I don’t have only one best chocolate moment because I just love chocolates and they are with me every time and everywhere. So, there are a lot of favorite chocolate moments actually. The first one I remember is when I was 2-3 years old, my uncle used to shower me with those little white rabbit candies, that was my first memory with chocolate. And then, some years back, one of my friends asked me to try Patchi; believe me when I say, it was astounding and I bought a kilo of it back home. Amid all, till date, my favorites are Patchi and Ferrero Rocher.





Govind N. KC, Executive Chef, Annapurna

Cocoa powder and chocolates are made from the dried seeds that are found in pods on the cacao tree. The flavour of chocolate differs depending on the ingredients used and how it is prepared. Real chocolate is made from cocoa and its ingredients include cocoa butter (an expensive part of the cocoa bean) and, in some cases, up to 5 % vegetable fat. Compound chocolate will have less cocoa and/or more than 5 % vegetable fat than real harvesting of cocoa trees. Chocolate therefore doesn’t have the same fine qualities. Chocolate production is a complex process that begins with the harvesting of the cocoa trees.
At Annapurna, we prepare chocolate recipes as per the guests’ demand and their satisfaction brings a smile on our faces; hence my chocolate moments are many. I have always been fond of chocolate and I used to eat a lot but nowadays, due to my health concerns, I have totally stopped eating chocolates as it increases the cholesterol level. And, in this world, I think there’s no one who wouldn’t like the food of a god. And, Chocolate Truffle is one of my favourites.




Nishi Khetan, Proprietor, Hopscotch Edutainment

They are the love of my life. People eat to live—I live to eat chocolates. Everyday, I steal a chocolate moment for myself when I sneak in a chocolate into my mouth and relish every single bit till the end. And, most times, the end is not the end—there goes another one in my mouth. Oh! I am such a chocolate person that I eat them when sad, when lonely, when excited, when happy. And, when I am very happy, then I have to dig into something even better, which could be a good chocolate brownie with ice-cream and loads of chocolate sauce or a nice little chocolate pastry.
When we go out for dinner, post dinner, we generally order a Molten Lava Cake or Sizzling Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Sauce. Digging our spoons into the cake and licking the chocolates with my 2 kids is an amazing experience. As the cake gets smaller and smaller, the fight for the big bite gets intense. My kids start screaming at me, “Mumma, now you stop eating, you will get even fatter.” And, the fight continues until we finish the entire cake and the last drop of chocolate is licked. The ultimate moment is when my kids complain to my husband that Mumma always does this. And, still, we always want to share our desserts and not order individual plates.



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