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- Ashmita Rijal

The first child usually has a very special meaning for the parents, so preparing the child’s room at its very best is significant. Decorating your child’s room is an important part of raising a child. A newborn baby is sensitive from many facets, one of which is health-wise. Arati Joyti, who is a versatile interior designer, says, “It is best to start planning a baby’s room before the baby is born.” True to that, because once your baby is born, your schedule becomes demanding. There are many factors that can be hazardous to your angel from furniture to play things to even paint in your house. Arati says, “The room should have good ventilation and ample sunlight. Use wooden/laminate flooring and area rugs secured with double-sided tape instead of wall-to-wall carpeting as they are easier to clean. Unlike adults, a kid’s room should be painted with bright bold colors to stimulate the baby’s brain and they should ideally be painted with lead-free paint. Night lights are very useful for night feedings as well as making the room look good and don’t forget to set up a comfortable corner for you to sit in and rock your baby to sleep as you will be spending a lot of time there.”
Along with the in-house decorations, safety measures for the baby should also be taken care of. And, because your child is too small to understand good from bad, you are the one who should be aware at every step. Interior Designer Ranjani Vajrachraya of Inner Space has the following suggestions so as to ensure your baby’s safety:
• Safety should always be the first priority. You should check the safety arrangements before the baby’s arrival because, obviously, you will be too busy after your baby’s birth. Make sure that you put the baby’s crib in a safe place where nothing can possibly fall inside the crib. Also, keep the crib away from doors, windows and air-conditioners to avoid direct breezes which may give your baby a cold.
• Make sure that you have a soft night light so that you can see properly when you enter the baby’s room at night.
• Do not leave any stuffed toys in the baby’s crib and, also, line the insides of the baby’s crib with padding.
• Select furniture and furnishings that will convert to good use as the child grows from infancy to the toddler stage. Planning ahead now will really pay off in the future. You’ll only have to buy once!
• Remove any lead paint on the walls because inhaled paint particles might be harmful for your child. Paint the wall well in advance of your baby’s arrival so the room has time to air out.
•  Make sure that baby cannot reach the electric outlets and make sure that electric sockets that are reachable to the child are protected with safety locks.

Bina Shrestha of Children’s World Nepal give a modern safety idea, “You can use baby monitors—these gadgets come with a transmitter and at least one receiver— this will allow you to keep tabs on your baby while you’re in another room. The transmitter needs to be close enough to your baby’s crib to pick up sounds (within 10 feet) but far enough to ensure that the cord’s out of reach if there is one.” Bina adds, “Put nonslip mats in, and next to, the bathtub for better safety.”  
Now, when the safety of your child is ensured, you can take care of the furniture. Smriti Khatri Thapa of Designo Interiors, a parent herself, says, “It is important for us to know that our home and surroundings should be v ery clean; we can take out some old furniture from the room and just give a new look by adding some light furniture like crib, chest of drawers for storage, toy organizers, a small closet; and also by changing our old carpets, using stickers, and going for light furniture, not the heavy ones.”
Though modern tips are available these days, all the above designers have a common say, “Do follow the suggestions of your grandma, because they are always right in this matter.” With the above considerations, you are now ready for healthy and exciting days of child nurture.

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