Stain Busters

-Sunita Gurung

The culprits are many which never fail to trap a hapless victim, but there are ways to bust even the peskiest stains!

Red wine
Often regarded as one of the toughest stains to remove, red wine stains can be effectively removed if acted upon quickly. Put a handful of salt and watch the color turn to a shade of pinkish-red. Next, immerse the garment in cold water and detergent and leave it to soak overnight. Wash the item in the normal way.

Use white vinegar to combat this stain; dissolve one part white vinegar with five parts of lukewarm water. When the mixture is completely dissolved, sponge the affected area of the fabric gently; then rinse it off in cold water. Next, soak the item in warm water and detergent before finally rinsing it. Now wash the clothing thoroughly as normal.

Nail varnish
Take a nail polish remover and apply it gently to the underside of the fabric rather than directly on the stain itself. Be careful though, as it does not suit all fabrics, so try and test it by dabbing just a little bit at the side of the fabric. Give it a wash in the normal way.

Remove mud stains by letting the mud dry, then brush off as much as possible. Apply a gentle detergent with warm water mix; rub on the stain, and rinse. Bleach any remaining signs of the stain with a mixture of one part white vinegar and one part water.

It may be delicious to eat, but it is a nightmare to remove the purple stains of the beetroot. As soon as the stain sets in, treat it by immersing in a bowl of cold water. Squirt a few drops of washing liquid and gently rub the area with your fingers. If the stain is fresh, this can work wonders, but if it doesn’t budge, then dip the cloth once again, but this time, in warm water and detergent.

This is also another stain which has to be treated quickly as it gets difficult to remove once the blood has dried. Place the item in a bowl of cold water and gently rub the stain with your fingers. You will notice the water turning red as the stain comes out. Keep changing the water and rubbing the stain. Add a few sprinkles of salt in the water. Once the stain is fully removed, wash the item as normal. If it remains stubborn, treat it with hydrogen peroxide by pouring it through the stain, flush it with cold water, and launder as usual.

Chewing gum
It is a real menace when it sticks to clothes. Take some small ice cubes in a plastic bag and place it on the clothes where the gum is stuck. If it is okay, then you can even place it in the freezer. Once the gum hardens, it starts to crack, and then it becomes easy to remove by scraping, without leaving behind any stain.

Sauce or ketchup
Dab off any excess sauce or ketchup and rinse the affected area under cold running water. Pour some liquid soap onto a sponge and soak the item in warm water, slowly dabbing at the spot with the sponge. For the more stubborn stain, try dabbing gently with methylated spirit, and finally wash the item in the normal way.

Grass stains are generally and frequently found in children’s clothing and are characterized by a greenish-brown color. As soon as you locate such a stain, apply a paste of dishwashing liquid and water. Leave it for about 30 minutes and then check on it. If the stain hasn’t budged, soak it in warm water with detergent and leave overnight. Wash it normally in the morning.

Hair dye
Those do-it-yourself hair dye kits can be great to use but it can get annoying when it accidentally drops on any of your clothing. It’s really important that you deal with it immediately since there is a risk of leaving a permanent stain. Soak the item immediately in cold water and try to remove the bulk of the stain with a sponge soaked in liquid soap. If any of the stain lingers on, then soak the clothing in warm water with some detergent and leave overnight. Wash the garment as normal.

Fruit juice
It is amazing to see what a few drops of fruits juice can do your clothes. Immerse it immediately in cold water to let the stains dissolve. If it still remains, then put it in warm water with drops of detergent, and give it a thorough wash.

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