For the Love of Kids:Holiday activities for the little ones

-Sweta Manandhar

God has bestowed upon us the love of wonderful children and the warmth of gentle autumn but when these two come together we get a bunch of cute little kids lazing off inside the house. And so we’ve come up with some great ideas on how to make their vacations exciting and productive.

Vacations during the fall are little treats for the children to get some load off from working hard at school, and what could be more frustrating than seeing them lying around the house doing nothing and lazing in front of the TV? These vacations aren’t just little treats but also something that can be used to motivate the little ones to start afresh in school and learn something out of the box. Give them a chance to learn something and have fun at the same time.

Fall seems to be the perfect weather to gear up and go for a good hike compared to that chilly winter and the hot and stuffy summer. Hiking in the golden autumn gives little children a chance to explore and learn about the colorful nature around them. There are many beautiful places in Kathmandu suitable for a hike, be it for a few hours or even an entire week. It can be a fun experience for the kids to share with their friends when they go back to school.

Arts and craft
This is an excellent way to work on motor skills and express creativity with no right or wrong. Through arts and crafts, children strengthen the muscles of the hand and improve motor skills. Art definitely is a fun activity but you may not notice that children learn a lot of things exploring the arts and doing art activities. Your children will learn useful skills like communication skills, problem solving skills, motor skills, and social skills and learn to bring out their inner creativity. They learn to become more expressive by presenting their thoughts in the form of art. You can help them make something creative simply by suggesting some ideas (that is, if they ask) or helping them find some good ideas on the Internet. Welcome their creativity into the house irrespective of how you feel about it. Put up those beautiful paintings on the wall and decorate your cupboards or tables with their wonderful crafts to motivate them to make more creative art and crafts.

Unlock the magic of growing plants, provide keys to the mysteries of living things, open the world of beautiful flowers to your children by involving them in gardening this autumn. Planting gardens can help you share the wonder of an ever-changing world. Involving kids in gardening provides opportunities for them to enjoy the beautiful weather and love nature. Decorate flowerpots to bring out some creativity in them and make your surrounding prettier. The joy of planting a seed and watching it grow makes them feel proud of their own effort and motivates them to love nature. Gardening doesn’t require expensive materials and kids of all age groups can enjoy working on a project outdoors.

Dance and music classes
As children grow up, they need exposure to various interests in order to become informed and educated adults. Most children are taught to engage in sports, while some might be exposed to arts. If your child is interested in singing or playing an instrument, encourage it and find a tutor or enroll him/her in a class. Make sure to give them the freedom to choose what they want and encourage them in whatever interest they have. Studies and experts claim that learning music can help with learning mathematics as well. If your child loves to dance, sign him/ her up for a course and motivate him/her by creating a space for dancing in your home itself. Dance promotes agility and physical fitness and brings out grace in them. Go to their dance performance to support their hard work. Don’t go after the stereotypical sayings and discourage your boy from dancing.

This exercise develops body awareness, coordination, strength, flexibility, and balance in the children. Gymnastics not only aids physical development but helps in building up self confidence, hard work ethic, social skills, discipline, politeness, and determination. Many children enjoy this activity as they tumble and perform various stunts. Children who get involved in gymnastics learn the benefits and ways of getting fit through a practical aspect. Involvement of children in gymnastics from early ages reduces the chances of obesity by creating a proper body alignment and healthy posture. Attaining success at gymnastics teaches children self confidence and develops their self-esteem. They come across new equipments and begin to learn new skills. Some overcome fear as they execute the routines in front of a large audience.

Enroll your children in something they have a keen interest about and don’t ever discourage them just because society might disapprove it. Classes at school might take long hours and your child might not have the energy to balance school and extra-curricular classes at the same time. So take the advantage of their fall vacations to help them learn something of their interest.

Things to do as a family this fall
Go to the movies or have a movie marathon in the house itself.

Take them to the museum.

Go on a one day drive with the kids or spend a weekend out of town.

Pack a picnic and head towards some local spot.

Ditch your gas-consuming vehicle and explore the town on your bikes.

Have your children research some recipe, pick up the ingredients from a farmer’s market, set down the timer, and cook together.

Dedicate an entire afternoon to gardening together.

Bake some cookies and cakes, have a small tea party.

Fly kites in the windy weather.

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