Lights on, it’s Tihar:Happy Times

-Sunita Gurung

As the flavors of Dashain linger on and we try to hang on to the remnants of the fiesta never wanting it to end, it is time to welcome the festival of lights once again. Tihar’s grandeur has never failed to leave us awestruck and completely mesmerized by the glamor of the celebration in total. While the rush is on to go for another of those massive shopping sprees while squeezing in the time to spruce up the house, here are some tips to keep in mind during the festival.

Be positive
Festivities not only bring joy and enjoyment in our lives but it also brings about additional tasks to handle. Right from cleaning the house to decorating it and rustling up meal after meal for the stream of relatives and guests who stop by, all festivals are exhaustive affairs. Amidst all this, maintaining a positive and a happy attitude will always help to complete the tasks better and on time. Always believe in yourself to make it happen.

Most people probably don’t realize but it helps tremendously to prioritize. Mess-ups occur when too many chores are attempted at the same time which then leaves you mentally and physically exhausted. Take up a task which needs your immediate attention and move on to the next. When your work is all sorted out systematically completely, you will have more time to relax and feel at ease.

Lighten up
Go for the perfect lighting this Tihar by bringing about some changes to the look of your house. The harsh white lights should be kept to a minimum, and brightly-hued candles and paper lanterns should be brought in to give your decor a classy look. Keeping the festive spirit in mind, invest in a flat-based traditional vessel, fill it with water, and arrange floating candles and flowers in it. Add some coins to it as it is believed that the fire energy of the flame will energize the coins which will bring prosperity to one’s life.

Eat smart
Without a doubt, this is one time in the year when you don’t have to find an excuse to gobble in one of those enticing looking sweetmeats. It is okay to indulge once in a while provided you don’t suffer from any disease, but you can always choose between eating smartly and going overboard. Remember to go for small bites even if it is munching on apples or bananas or salads, or even yogurt. Going empty-stomach for a long time and then facing the huge delicious spread will automatically make you overeat. And, stay hydrated, as sipping on water helps to ward off false hunger.

Stay safe
Along with the heavy food, Tihar also means lighted diyas, loud sounds, smoke-filled air, and crackers. Despite following proper safety measures, accidents should never be ruled out totally. In case of a burn injury, the most important thing is to apply ice to the affected area immediately. Minor burns can be treated by applying a bit of toothpaste containing fluoride. Never attempt to remove any particle that may be embedded in the skin, it should be seen and treated by an expert. Do not attempt to treat a severe burn or heavy bleeding at home; always rush to the nearest doctor. In case of an eye injury, it is very important not to rub the eyes as it can worsen the condition; instead, flush with cool running water to remove any small objects. For larger objects lodged in the eye, it is wise to rush to the doctor rather than applying home remedies.

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