Girl talk:hygiene basics for every woman

- Pragya Pokhrel

There are several skin conditions such as odor, skin darkening, rashes, irritation, etc. which can occur in both males and females. However, females are more prone to skin problems due to the nature of their reproductive organs.

Skin is the largest organ in our body and proper care and treatment is essential to maintain its health and vitality. Some hidden body parts, including erogenous organs in our body, are exposed to many health conditions. These are body parts that easily get sweaty and where ventilation is very poor. After puberty, our sweat gains a specific and unpleasant odor which may be offensive to others. Wearing clean clothes and changing frequently helps keep sweat in check. The frequency of sweating and other infection depends on the intensity of dirt on clothes and that depends on climate, type of activity, and various other reasons. Dr. Sudeshna Shrestha shares with us some of the basics about skin hygiene.

Skin condition varies with the metabolism and the surrounding, health habits, heredity, personal hygiene, and various other factors. There are several skin conditions such as odor, skin darkening, rashes, irritation, etc. These occur in both males and females. Females are more prone to skin problems due to the nature of their reproductive organs. We are more prone to such skin conditions in summer than winter due to the rise in temperature. Friction, cloth occlusion, and other habits may result to skin problems. There are different conditions like bacterial and fungal infection and skin darkening. While in pregnancy, there is also the chance of skin darkening under the arms.

Although armpits are an area of our body, which is not immediately seen by others, underarm hygiene must not be neglected. Conditions like armpit acne or underarm pimples can arise due to improper hygiene and frequency of shaving. Most commonly, in teenagers, underarm shaving is very common, but whenever you shave, always be forewarned that it can mostly cause armpits acne. The chances are that the hair›s pointed tips will push back down into your skin, allowing bacteria to enter the hair follicles and lead to armpit acne formation. The more you shave, the more chances to get exposed to this condition. After puberty, our sweat glands gain a specific and unpleasant odor which may be offensive to others. It should thus be washed daily and proper hygiene should be prevailed.

Another inherent characteristic of our armpits is, it contains sweat glands responsible for underarm sweating, which automatically becomes a perfect breeding ground for the bacteria to grow and multiply. An accumulation of bacteria would clog the pores on the surface, which again leads to development of armpits acne. So, proper clothing and good underarm hygiene are musts to stay away from these kinds of problems.

Home remedy
Applying sliced lemon, potato, and cucumber on those areas lessens foul smell and skin darkening. To prevent cloth occlusion and infection, you have to avoid wearing body hugging clothes. Health conditions like diabetes, Addison’s disease, and other diseases, including hormonal changes, might also be reasons for skin problems.

Excessive sweating, called iontophorosis, is one of the skin conditions. And this can be reduced with aluminum chlorides and aluminum hydroxides. Botox and reduction of sweat glands is carried out if the problem is not controlled.

Bottom Hygiene Importance and Treatment
Lack of proper bottom hygiene results in bacterial and fungal infection, ring worm, candidal vulvo-vaginitis, etc. Remedy for the same is dressing properly and using skin friendly fabric, that is, cotton. Perineal wash with lactic acid is recommended during such condition. You can get oral medicines as well as skin ointments or wash.

As it is said, prevention is better than cure. One should have knowledge on personal hygiene and cleanliness. In case of problems like discharge, allergy, smell, and irritation, one should visit a doctor. And, do not ignore your skin problem, know that it is curable and visit your doctor before it gets too late. Visit your dermatologist for proper counseling and treatment of your disease.

Home Remedy
Wear loose-fitting, cotton clothing. Stay away from nylon and synthetics because they hold heat and moisture close to the skin, which makes it easier for an infection to start. Do not scratch the vaginal area and relieve itching with cool or warm baths.

For further skin queries please contact:
Dr. Sudeshna Shrestha, Consultant Dermatologist / Cosmetologist / Laser specialist. Medical Director of Siddhi Polyclinic Health Service Center, Dillibazar
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