Savory Cocktails


Gin 30 ml
Dry vermouth 15 ml
Mideori 10 ml
Grenadine 5 ml
Soda top

Take a Boston shaker and fill it with ice
Pour gin, dry vermouth, mideori, and grenadine
Shake it well and pour in martini glass
Top with soda
Garnish with apple slice

Recipe Courtesy: Red Carpet

Brandy 40 ml
Cointreau 15 ml
Honey 10 ml
Ginger juice 5 ml

Take a Boston shake and honey
Pour brandy, cointreau, and ginger juice
Shake it well and put it in brandy balen
Top with hot water
Dip 5 pc cloves

Recipe Courtesy: Red Carpet

Cointreau Hot chocolate
Cointreau 40 ml
Chocolate powder 60 mm
Creamy milk 90 ml
Fresh cream top

Take a hot cafe latte glass with cointreau
Pour steamed mixed milk chocolate powder in cafe latte glass
Top with fresh cream

Recipe Courtesy: Red Carpet

Tequila 40 ml
Cointreau 20 ml
Lemon juice 10 ml
Cranberry juice top
Lemon wedges 5 pc

Take a Boston shaker add fill it with ice cubes
Pour tequila, cointreau, and lemon juice
Shake it well and pour it in a funny glass
Top with cranberry juice
Dip a lemon wedge

Recipe Courtesy: Red Carpet

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