Life in frames:Decorating with your memories

-Pooja Pradhan

You may want to give your home a new look, change something, and make your home a center of people’s conversation. Forget about changing your furniture or the wall color; just adding a framed picture or two will create an entirely new vibe for your room. And, if you manage to perfectly pair your frame with the picture and your room decor, talk about leaving an impression!

Frames are small things in the overall scheme of your decor and many people tend to overlook them. But they are the perfect way to enhance the decor and display all the wonderful moments of your life in a convenient and affordable way. Frames can easily make your home look chic and classy while still giving a personal touch so that your house looks like a home.

The first thing you need to know about frames is that there are three basic types of frames, the traditional ones, the modern frames, and the transitional ones. Traditional frames are the frames (normally wooden ones) that have embellishments like elaborate carvings or some oriental elements in the frame to make it look extravagant and ornamental. The best examples of traditional frames would be the frames that seem to fit perfectly in a Victorian drawing room. The modern frames are at the other end of the spectrum; they are ultra plain and made out of metal or wood. Theses frames, like the traditional frames, don’t have to be that thick; at times it can just be a wedge of the frame that you are able to see. The transitional type frames are the frames that fall in the middle design wise. They do have some embellishment but it’s usually kept minimal, the frames though not as thick as traditional ones.

There are no set of strict rules that you have to follow while selecting frames. But there are some general guidelines that make sure your frames work with the picture or paintings and the decor of the room. This way you’ll have a cohesive room instead of an eyesore of a room that you would rather not set your foot in. There are two things that you need to consider when you choose a frame: the picture or the paintings that is to be framed, and the decor of the room where it’s going to be placed.

Choosing frames according to the room’s decor

There are some frames that work well with almost all types of decor and works of art. They are normally transitional frames. The best pick amongst all transitional frame designs are the simple frames with no heavy embellishment. If you pick a wooden frame, both stained and painted frames will work equally well.

Let’s say you have a more traditionally decorated room. Most of the furniture in the room is ornate with lots of carving. The best type frame for this room would be traditional ones that are, or are, painted golden. These types of frames back up the formal tone of the room, giving the room a sense of lavishness and authenticity, while adding that extra “it” factor. But gild ornate frames clash with furniture or d?cor that have more of traditional Eastern touches. If your room has more of an oriental feel to it, then wooden frames with painted embellishment showing influences from Thankas will blend seamlessly.

If your d?cor is more eclectic, with both traditional and modern design elements existing side by side, it’s pretty easy to pick a frame. You can choose any of the three types of frames. But, while picking a styl, be sure that there are furnishing in the room echoing the same style.

Another thing that you need to be careful about is the position and the color of your frames. If light colors are used in your walls and floors, then frames in bright colors add that pop of color, protecting it from falling into the realm of the nondescript. Similarly, if you have used bright colors for your floors and walls, then frames in a lighter shade will mute a bit of the bright colors so that you don’t feel like jumping on furniture every time you step into the room. But, these are not hard and fast rules, sometimes, neutral colored frames work well on neutral colored rooms, and bright and funky frames fit right in with bright and funky colored room. You just have to play with different frames and colors. You really don’t have to worry about positioning the frames in a particular way to get the full effect.

Sometimes, the most innovative (read weird) ways can create the best effect. Try and experiment with different ways of positioning the frames before you commit to one.

Choosing frames according to the pictures
When you choose a frame, you should consider what goes in it. You should choose the frame that brings out the colors and details of the photo or the painting in it. If you have a black and white photo, then a gilded frame will just distract you. Instead, opt for a simple black, white, or metallic frame. If you have a colorful picture or photo, then it may work well with colorful or textured frame.

When you choose a frame, make sure that it does not overwhelm the picture. The main focus should be what is in the frame rather than the frame itself. So make sure the size of the frame and what goes in the frame is balanced. This means that a small or delicate work of art doesn’t need a wide frame, and medium sized frames needs medium picture or photo to go in it.

One thing that you have to consider while choosing a frame is if you want to mat the picture. If you mat the picture, it gives a polished vibe; however, they are not necessary. For a more formal air, choose black, white, or jewel tones, or for a more whimsical feel, bright colors are a great pick. If you want to give your picture an earthier feel, then neutral hues are your friend and pastels work great to give the romantic touch. But make sure that your frame matches the mat.

So, the next time you decide to change the look of your room, make sure you don’t overlook the picture frames as well. This small detail can, if done in the right way, make your room look more inviting and cohesive.


  • If you want to group frames together in a wall, then use similar frames. Mismatched frames can also be used but make sure that there is some sort of element tying them together.
  • If you decide to hang the frame above a furniture, make sure it’s close to it, about a few inches above the furniture, so that it looks like a single unit.
  • Make sure that the frame is not too large for the wall, for it will then clash with the décor.

If you want to have multiple frames in one wall, make sure that you choose a large wall.

Some places where you can get your pictures framed:
Park Gallery: Pulchowk (5522307); Uttar Dhoka (4419353)
Kalinta: Nag Pokhari (4442437)
Frame World: Maharajgunj (4720736); Pulchowk (5535290)
Everest Framing: Tripureshwar (4117045)

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