Forgetting Flu

-Anubhuti Poudyal

Another hazard of winter that can be a bit of a botheration, flu can be prevented.

Mindful meditation: A technique that involves full awareness of the present. It is a mental state that is attained when there is full awareness of one’s feelings and surroundings, all at that instant of time.

Mindful meditation has been strongly associated in researches to reduce the episodes of flu. An average adult has about 2 to 3 episodes of cold each year. However, flu is much more intense and could last for weeks. Engaging in meditation could help reduce stress and anxiety and increase your overall immunity. It could actually help you reduce the episodes of flu.

When is the flu due?
Winter is regarded as the worst season for flu. And it took a really long time to get concrete proof. Only since recently (2007) has the cold and dry air of winter been regarded as the main reason behind increasing number of cases of flu during this season. Flu virus grow and transmit the most in cold and dry weather.

Kill it with a pill?
In the U.S., where flu is seen expanding its grip almost every winter, flu shot is regarded as the strongest preventive action. Every year, October to November is considered to be an important time to get flu shots, especially for children and old people. In Nepal, we do have the option of flu shots. Flu shots are, however, effective only 60% of the time. Usually, shots are made keeping in mind the three main strains of flu that might be seen that season. However, if we have a different strain of flu, then the vaccine might not work. Its effect is also dependent on individual characteristics and immunity.

Meditation and flu
Meditation can help prevent flu along with many other diseases. Meditation helps strengthen immunity and resistance to diseases. That way, it is effective for prevention. But if you once have a flu, it is advisable to seek help from modern or traditional medicines.

Aditya Man Shrestha,
senior journalist and yoga instructor

Eat to treat
Healthy foods do not just help you keep flu at bay, they help you fight it better. We have a few suggestions.

Contains probiotics and good bacteria that boost your immunity. Vitamin D containing products can help keep flu away.

Boosts immune system and increases resistance to infection and stress.

Citrus fruits contain vitamin C which is an age-old prevention mechanism against colds and flu.

Contains zinc. Again, another ingredient good for your immunity system.

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