How to Grow Lettuce in a Container


First: Before planting

  • Lettuce needs ample room for roots.You can grow several varieties in 6- to 12-inch pots.
  • The greens cannot tolerate wet roots but they need a consistent supply of moisture as they are almost 95% water.

A clay pot provides a permeable surface that can evaporate any excess water and prevent soggy roots. Make sure there are adequate drainage holes in whatever container you chose.

Second: Planting it right

  • Transplants should be buried 1/2 inch deeper than they would be in garden soil and set 6 to 12 inches apart.
  • Seeds are sown when soil is not frozen,1/2 inch deep and 4 to 12 inches apart. Leaf lettuces can be closer together than head types.
  • Lettuce has shallow roots and responds best to consistent shallow watering.
  • Combat pests with blasts of water and insecticidal soap, and for slugs, containers of beer.
  • Cut the outside leaves of loose lettuce when they are young. The leaves will grow back and then you can cut away the entire plant.
  • Always cut lettuce when it is young and tender as they are quick to bolt and become bitter.

Finally: Grow like a pro
Jaimit Rai, a homemaker based at Godawari, shows how she does it. She has created a nice home garden where she grows different types of leafy greens, lettuces, bitter gourds, cauliflower, and carrots, to name a few.
She usually prepares the seedling in a small pot before transferring to a larger spot. Readymade soil is available at any nursery. It is a hassle free option, but she prefers to make her own.

  • The mixture consists of dry earth/mud which is sieved properly, and sand and manure.
  • Water is sprayed carefully and lightly from the top.
  • The seedling takes a week or two during the warm season, but during the winter months, it takes around 10-12 days for the seed to grow, after which it is transferred to a larger area.

Note: Use a professional soil mix for planting lettuce in containers as they are formulated to hold water and provide nutrients.

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