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Dear Mom,
A popular saying goes like this, ‘time and tide waits for no man’. Time really flies by, doesn’t it? It seemed only yesterday that I was tagging behind you and now I am almost nowhere to be found. I know that you wait around for me to come back home and chit chat with you but I never seem to find that time. Making the most of my connection with the world and chasing after dreams, I actually hover around summing only my world. The fleeting moments we had are only cherished now on Facebook and Twitter. God knows if you ever read my birthday wish last summer. I keep forgetting that, unlike me, you spend most of the day thinking about me and my world while I pass by everything updating my status every now and then.

Mom, I am pretty selfish, aren’t I? Going around posting my feelings on blogs but not sharing any of it with you. I have changed a lot, I admit it, but please don’t wait around to make the most of your time only when I am with you. Do open up yourself to new opportunities and stick around the web and find friends to talk with. I happen to find myself busy most of the time and I don’t want you to sit alone by yourself. There is much to do for yourself and so I wish you to get going with networking and blogging. Who knows, someday I might be your follower, although I tend to clash with your opinions.

Mom, of course you may feel you are not ready for it. Writing and clicking photos to share with an unknown world might seem absurd, but believe me, you will have spent your time for something worthwhile. You will actually be surprised with the number of blogs complaining about sons and daughters. Not just that, they also come up with weird ideas to sort things out in a mother-daughter relationship. I can’t believe myself that I am actually telling you to be a part of these whining mother portals but there is more to it than just whining, what they also share are tips on parenting, lovely DIYs to fill your time with, and their passion for life. You should definitely make time for it.

Some of the mom blogs I have gone through are really interesting. One of them was ‘’. She wrote ‘what report cards can’t report’, you should read it too. Have a look at it, you might find something interesting. For that’s how the internet works, we just flow with the waves of information. And there is this other blog, mommygyan, which shares parenting tips, product reviews, and arts and crafts for kids, and baby care. Well, I am not telling you that you have to be a part of parenting groups or revolve your write-ups just around family life. You can go about sharing anything you like. Rupa Joshi’s mero blog doesn’t instigate any tips for parenting; she just her shares tits and bits of her life and motivates readers to fall in love with life.

Mom, starting a blog is really easy, the hardest part actually is devoting time for it. You can start from any blog forum, Blogspot, Bloggers, or Wordpress. But just be sure of what you want to be writing or sharing. When you enter these forums, they ask you if you want to create a blog. Go ahead and click it. After that, there is a series of data register procedure and you just have to fill it. Go with short and catchy names. And you can also use this blog for free or pay for it. The difference is that paid blogs avail you to more facilities. After filling in your mailing address, your username and password, sign up for the blog. When that’s done, you will receive an email from the site to activate your blog and you can get started with it. You can follow friends, choose topics to write about, and subscribe to other blogs as well. You can post DIYs and give the blog your own makeover as well.

Mom, you should really try it. It’s fun learning about life this way. Sharing our moments in life is really a wonderful way of passing time. But I do want to apologize for not giving you much time. But, hopefully, we will get to share more about ourselves through these blogs. I also hope that your art for cooking and gardening gets more appreciation from the people you will meet through these blogs.
Your lovely daughter

P.s. I am coming by this Sunday so we can sit down and explore blogs together. See yah!

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