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Needless to say, dressing up your floor really does serve the interior of a room and also gives a feeling of warmth. As much as your walls and other things inside the room need attention, your floors do too, so what’s a better way to do it than covering it with a nice cozy carpet?

Choosing the right one
Take some time while choosing a carpet for your home because you will have to live with it for a long time. Choose a carpet that complements the current color of the walls and you won’t have the urge to change it with the change in its fashion. Then, there are more dangers of stains in carpets; lighter carpets are more resistant to stain but less expensive ones will tear faster than dark colored ones. Red carpets are ideal for living rooms and hallways as they tend not to show stains easily, but excessive sunlight can fade the color away.


  • There is a lot to learn when it comes to correctly maintaining a carpet, as the average person has little understanding on how to keep it clean and fresh.
  • Market products that claim to remove stains and odors simply mask them and sink them deeper, and the stains reappear looking worse than ever. Don’t waste your money on such products; rather, invest that money in hiring professional help.
  • Do not use harmful and strong chemicals while cleaning a carpet, even when it needs deep cleaning, to remove dirt and dust. Instead, look for professionals who use environment friendly solutions.
  • Carpets are more prone to stains and spills. Clean those spills off immediately before they sink into the carpet and leave a permanent stain on that carpet you invested so much on.
  • If you don’t vacuum your carpet daily, do it right now! Vacuuming picks up dirt before it sinks into the carpet and less dirt extends the life of the carpet.
  • Hefty amount of sand and dirt track into the home, doormats will do wonders to reduce it.

Varieties of carpets and their prices

Nepali carpets are of low to medium quality with the knot density ranging from 60 to 120 knots per square inch. Nepali carpets, made mainly out of sheep wool, are similar to Tibetan and Persian ones, but are much more affordable. These carpets are mainly woven in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Patan, and exported to the United States and England.

Handcrafted Tibetan rugs: Rs.2, 200 to Rs.2, 800 per square foot
Hand-knotted woolen carpet: Rs.49, 000 per pair
Felt carpet: Rs.5, 000 to Rs.5, 200 per piece

Absolutely handmade wool felt ball carpet: Rs.10, 000 to Rs.30, 000 per piece

Carpet made of hemp, nettle, silk, and wool: Rs.2, 200 to Rs.3, 200 per square foot

Hand knotted Tibetan wool art silk carpet rug: Rs.120, 000 per piece

Custom made hand knotted carpet: Rs.2, 200 to Rs.2, 800 per square foot

Tibetan carpet: Rs.1, 800 to Rs.3, 500 per piece
Woolen carpet: Rs.16, 000 per piece

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