Fascination with Orchids


There’s still so much to be learned about these bewitching blossoms called orchids.

With Suraj Raj Kunwar, Sorays Botanical Nursery

  • Low temperature is suitable for orchids
  • Cinteria, Hexakid, and Simonstrata are common and popular over here
  • It takes about 3-4 months to bloom a flower
  • For their growth fertilizer, wood dust (leu) are required
  • What temperature is favorable?
  • Indoor orchids are mainly epiphytic (growing on trees) or lithophytic (growing on rocks).
  • There are some terrestrial species
  • Orchids grow in a variety of temperatures
  • Orchids generally prefer bright but filtered light. Protect from direct sunlight.
  • Watering, humidity, and feeding
  • Orchids prefer high air humidity, but their roots will rot easily in wet compost. Water once a week. Water from above and tip out any water that collects in the saucer under the pot.
  • Mist the foliage and aerial roots daily, or stand the pot on a wide saucer filled with gravel, filling the saucer with water to just below the surface of the gravel.
  • Reduce humidity in winter (this applies to orchids grown in porches or conservatories, where temperatures are constant or may even rise in winter with central heating).
  • Many orchids need a rest period, usually during the winter months, when watering and feeding should be reduced.

What can go wrong?

Overwatering: Roots become soft and soggy. Root death causes collapse of the plant.
Overfeeding: In severe cases, roots and compost are covered with fertilizer crystals. Plunge the pot in water to dissolve the excess fertilizer.
Sun scorch: This results in bleached, scorched leaves. Provide shade from direct sunshine.
Failure to flower: May suggest the need for a rest period, and/or lower temperature.

Orchids are used for:
Ornamental purposes
Medicinal purposes: in ailments like hypertension, fever, hair loss, cancer, etc.

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