For Your Peace of Mind:serenity at Home

- Sweta Manandhar,

Creating a peaceful environment isn’t just about decorating it with the nicest things possible but also about having a sense of positivity within yourself.

Your home furnishings and layout can immensely affect your energy and mind. Coming home to a peaceful environment after a long hectic day really does energize you so help yourself with the following tips to turn your house into a home not just for yourself but for the visitors as well.

Vaastu Shastra

Vaastu is one of the most important elements for creating a peaceful environment says architect Rabindra Puri. According to Vaastu Shastra the five elements- earth, fire, water, air and space act for and against each other to create harmony and disharmony. Vaastu is a combination of Solar, Magnet and Universal energy which brings a positive flow. When it comes to deciding on where the bed should face towards, beds of children who aren’t good in studies should be faced towards the east whereas those of children who fall sick too often should be faced towards south according to Mr. Puri.

Feng Shui
The practice of Feng Shui was developed 3000 years ago in China. It is an ancient art and science involving the placement of objects to impact positive energy in the room. According to the Feng Shui technique, getting rid of even half of the unnecessary stuffs in your home and office makes you feel lighter and may be even get rid of headaches. A traditional Feng Shui perspective is that the toilet is a drain and by leaving it open you will allow good energy of your home to drain out, so always put the toilet lid down. Two nightstands create a supported and balanced bed even if you’re sleeping on it alone and these nightstands don’t necessarily have to be the traditional ones; chairs, stools and tables can work too. Repositioning your desk and working facing the door makes you how powerful that position is in. if your desk is positioned in a way that your back faces the door, put a mirror or a reflective surface on the desk.

Peaceful parents create a peaceful environment
Getting annoyed by the children’s small habits drives you crazy but then bugging them to stop doing it drives them crazy too. They might respond in an annoying way when being bugged which might lead to negative interactions between each other. So cut them some slack and stop bugging them over small things to have a nice flowing interaction which drains out the negativity that gets created due to the dispute.

Saying no to electronics
You get the compulsive urge to grab your phone or laptop if they are there, so remove those items for your bedroom to prevent the temptation. Using phones before going to bed causes sleep deprivation and you feel stressed out in the morning. Try not to check your email or Facebook the moment you wake up; make your day beautiful by waking up in a warm and cozy stress less environment.

Adding interior water feature creates a peaceful home decor. The sound of water is calming and soothes your mind. Use tabletop fountain or aquarium, choose fountains that coordinate with the style of the home and put in an area where it won’t get damaged or cause water damage to the furnishing.

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