Plant a tree Save a Gift

-Pooja Pradhan

Buying a gift for special occasions is something we all do, but remembering mother earth is something we probably do just once a year on the 5th of June. Do something different now onwards and plant a tree on occasions you want to celebrate.

We have been hearing about climate change, the hole in the ozone layer, landslides, droughts, and what not, but what have we been doing about it? Riding electric cars? Using cloth bags instead of plastic ones? Well, here is another item to add in our being environment friendly list. Planting trees. This unique idea is something Birthday Forest is promoting. According to Anuj Mahat, the co-founder of this organization, “Birthday Forest is an online platform which plants trees on an individual’s birthday, anniversary, in memory of loved ones, father’s day, mother’s day, and many more such occasions. Birthday Forest gives the people a reason to smile and celebrate their occasion by gifting a living gift that will last forever.”

So how does this work?
After you contact Birthday Forest with your request, either through their website or Facebook page or through a call, you can decide on the type of tree you want to plant. Birthday Forest works with the community forest in the particular area they want to plant trees to decide on the type of tree that will flourish there. After that, all you have to do is pay the Rs.2, 500 fee, and if you want to pay with dollars, its $35. And then? Nothing. Birthday Forest will plant the tree for you and give you a link to your profile page where you can track the status of your plant.

Receiving gifts for special occasions is so engrained in us that being told a tree is planted in your name on this special occasion might not exactly be the best of news, if you are not a diehard environmentalist, that is. Though this organization does have people for planting the trees, you can also involve your family and plant the trees yourselves. In fact, they highly recommend that people plant the trees themselves rather than just limiting their involvement to calling up and choosing the type of tree and paying the fee. Planting trees for special occasions is not only something families can do, companies and the cooperate world can also start this tradition as a part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR).

If you do decide to gift Mother Nature some trees, you will not be the only one doing so. Anuj Mahat states that they have planted 400 trees in different community forests like the Satikhel Community Forest, Dallu Community Forest, and Pataleban Community Forest. So don’t you think it’s a good idea to plant a tree and save a gift?

Services offered by Birthday Forest
Each individual and corporate who plants through Birthday Forest will be given their own profile page (URL), and through this profile page they can track the status of their plant. The things available in the profile page are:
Picture of the said tree, along with nameplate (a small board) that will be placed in front of the tree. Annual picture update of plant in the pre-scheduled time.

GPS location of the plant, so people can easily track the plant no matter how many years pass by, or visit the tree if they are so inclined.
Three years replacement guarantee in case the tree does not survive within this period. Birthday Forest will replant with the same sapling.

Payment method
For those not in Nepal PayPal is available.
Those with e-Sewa account can pay through their account to
An option to wire transfer the money is also available, or if you are in Kathmandu, you can always opt to “pay in person” and have someone from Birthday Forest come and collect the payment.

Facebook :
Phone Number: 4282268

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