Five C's for your canine:Obedience Training for Your Canine Pals

-Suresh Shah, CEO Mount Everest Kennel Club

If dog could only speak, they would have been the most expressive of all the animals. They are faithful, loyal, and makes good company.

How many of you have brought home a puppy with the expectation that it will do as you say, but as it grows it becomes increasingly stubborn and disobeying? In such a case, it is important that your dog, as well as you, receive the basic obedience and dog handling training which socialises the dog to the day-to-day activities at home, and which enables you to handle your dog properly.

It is necessary to “be a good pack leader” in order to handle your dog appropriately, as a dog will only follow the direction of those who it perceives to be above it. Since dogs are from the lineage of wolves, they are used to living in a hierarchal pack where the pack leader has the most power. The pack leader is determined on the basis of its ability to control the group and follow its responsibilities. Learning to distinguish its pack leader from its weaning days, when a puppy comes to your house, it will only perceive you as a pack leader if you act like one. For a dog, whichever family it goes to is its pack, regardless of whether the family members are humans or dogs. If you want your dog to be obedient, it is not only important for you to establish yourself as the pack leader, but it is also essential for your family members to make the dog feel it is below them in the hierarchy of your “pack”.

If your dog is doing exactly the opposite of what you are saying, then it means that you lack the qualities required to be a pack leader. There are two basic stages in the training program conducted. Firstly, your dog is socialised to the day-to-day activities like sleeping, sitting, standing, eating, etc. However, the socialising part is not sufficient, as without practice, it tends to forget whatever it was taught. Therefore, it is necessary that you receive the second stage of the training to be a pack leader.

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