Using Bold Colours

- Ar. Alex Shrestha

The monsoon season is finally retreating to clear blue skies, and this calls for bidding adieu to the cloudy greys and welcoming a refreshing colour palette into your home. Summer is the season of fun, of cheerful and inspiring colours. So, why not set aside a weekend and repaint the walls of your room with bold vibrant colours?

Creating a mood

You can use bold wall colours to make your home’s interiors more exciting and bring out any architectural details to enhance its ambience. The secret is—colours should flow in your house and your choice of wall colour can communicate these feelings. Certain shades typically arouse specific reactions from people. For instance, most people find green shades calming and yellow or red, energizing. If you are painting a bedroom, you most likely want to create an atmosphere of relaxation and retreat.

Selecting your colour

When looking for paint samples, take items or accessories you would like to use in the room. You can then choose colours that work with the colour in that item. This is a great way to choose bold wall colours if you aren’t entirely sure about what you want. Also, try combining the bold and subdued colours; or balance colours by using it more than once, picking up the bright wall colour in your furniture’s, to make your rooms a pleasant experience.

Using bold colours as accents

Try not to overuse your favourite colour, no matter how much you like it. To tastefully bring bold colours into your interiors, decide which colour will highlight your space best. You can also create a focal point by using a bold colour on just one wall. If you have ample natural light pouring into your space, a darker and more dramatic colour can amplify the room. If your space doesn’t have a lot of light, opt for brighter colours or more saturated tones. This will naturally reflect more light, and will make your bold colour feel inviting.

Dark colours make a room seem smaller

You should also take into account the size of the room you will be painting. Darker colours will help make a large, open room feel cosier, but they may overwhelm smaller rooms and cause them to feel smaller than they actually are. As a guide, the darker the colour you use on your walls, the smaller the room will feel. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use dark or bold colours in small rooms, bold colours can add a great accent to the room and can bring character to a small space as well.

Bold interiors can be the best thing that happens to your home. Bold colours, decor, and accessories can bring out your personality without you saying a word. So go ahead, grab your paint brush and start painting.

Ar. Alex Shrestha is a professional architect who has had over 15 years of experience working in this industry in Nepal, South East Asia and Europe. He can be reached at or

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