Best Moment Spent With My Mother

-Pragya Pokhrel

?Promi Pradhan, Head–Service Quality Corporate Office, Himalayan Bank, Thamel

There has never been a time that has not been great with my Mom. However, if I had to choose a specific one that made an impact on my life, it would be the months before my wedding. My equation with mom was no longer limited to that of mother and daughter, it had elevated to that of being friends. She dealt with me as an equal and encouraged me to look at things in a way that would only be beneficial to me and others around. All along, she was there to guide me and support every decision I made. She instilled in me the thought that nothing was impossible and keeping faith in God and self was the only way to happiness.


Sangita Nirola, Country Representative
HelpAge International-Nepal

Recently, I took my mother to a pilgrimage in Triveni named as ‘Gajendra Mokhsha Dham’. It was a one-night stop over at the ashram where we had dinner together with the students of the ashram which was a humbling experience for me. The ashram is situated on the bank of the Kali Gandaki River and acts as a border between Chitwan and Nawalparasi and I was a bit scared at night and could not sleep due to the sound of the mighty river. But as soon as I cuddled with my mom, I fell asleep instantly. Even after all these years, having my mother by my side made things a little less scary! That day, I felt the power of a mother’s love.

Santosh Shah, President, Today’s Youth Asia; Judge of the TV show-Nepal’s Top 7 Debaters

I went to a boarding school at the age of six. From grade eight, I was busy during vacations with several projects; as a result, I missed going to my village in Sarlahi. After I returned back to Nepal from the U.S., I decided to bring my parents to Kathmandu from the village. This was the first time after childhood that my mother and I were actually staying together; we had nothing common to discus about except for food. It took both of us several months to adjust to each other’s environment, and now she is very comfortable here, and I have picked back some of my villager attitude. That two years of making the effort to know my mother well and explain to her what I have become since a kid will stay as the best moment in both our lives!

Vidushi Rana, MD, Zentech International?

I have countless wonderful moments with my Mom. But if I have to reminisce “The one best moment that I have shared with my Mom” then it has to be the time I had my first daughter. The moment I gained my senses after my caesarian, my Mom and dad were there. My Mom was the one who held my hand and told me that I gave birth to the world’s most beautiful daughter. After that, she took care of me completely; she would spend every day with me at the hospital taking care of me and her granddaughter Shivalika. After that, I went to stay at my parents’ house for a month; that time, both the helpers at my Mom’s house had left on holiday. That time my Mom would relentlessly take care of me and my wailing daughter all day, she would be busy at the kitchen cooking for me and tending to the never ending guests, giving oil massage to Shivalika, giving her baths, feeding and changing her, making sure I was well rested. And, at nights when she would be extremely drained out, she would keep her wailing granddaughter on her chest and sleep. That’s the time I appreciated as to how a mother’s responsibility and compulsion never ends.

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