C for cat, D for dog and E for elephants

-Kusum Hachhethu

They say that children are born with an affinity for nature—they have special attachment to birds and animals. After all, “E for elephant, G for giraffe and Z for zebra” is one of the first things we learn as kindergarteners. As a kid, I was exposed to a myriad of animal based games such as animal puzzles and soft toys. My pet dog Ruby used to be one of my best friends. I loved visiting the zoo and if I were asked to draw my best picture, I would make animal pictures. Not to forget, my beloved animal-shaped crackers, which I still enjoy. Considering the intimate connection between kids and animals, this month, HealthyLife talked to eight primary level students (Grade 3-6, from Rupy’s International School, Bafal) to find out about their favorite animal.

If you could be an animal or bird, which one would you be and why?

Samprada Karki, 7

My habit perfectly aligns to that of a rabbit. I hop a lot and I love to eat carrots. Rabbits are cute and small—they have beautiful noses. I think I can relate myself to a rabbit, therefore, I would like to be a rabbit.

Arpana Shah, 10

I would prefer to be a puppy because puppies are soft and cute and tame. Like me, puppies like to jump and play. I want to be like a puppy—cute, fluffy and loved by all.


Arnav Agarwal, 8

I want to be a dog because they are considered to be man’s best friend. Dogs are the most preferred pet because they are brave and loyal. I do not have a dog yet, but I would love to have a pet dog.

Neirav Giri, 10

I would prefer to be a dolphin so that I can do different tricks in the oceans. If I were a dolphin, I would be able to live in the oceans and jump up and down on the water, which I think is very cool.


Gurbani Kaur, 8

I would also like to be a dog because they can get trained. They bark when bad people come to our houses—they are good at catching thieves. I also enjoy playing with puppies, they have so much energy.

Aayas Dhoj Joshi, 11

Given that my eyesight is not very good, I desire to be an eagle—eagles have really sharp eyes with which they can catch prey from a far distance. In addition, I would also enjoy flying in the blue sky.



Arhat Tuladhar, 9

I am amazed by horses and their capacity to run at great speed. People can ride on horses and use them as a means of transportation. I think horses are good-looking as well and that is one of the reasons why I would like to be a horse.

Bipassana Shrestha, 11

Although I have never experienced flying, I think flying is such a great experience and that is why I want to be a butterfly. If I were a butterfly, I would visit different gardens each day and taste the nectars of various beautiful flowers.

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